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Vacuum Sealer Machine 


To understand what a vacuum sealer is, we will first be required to define a vacuum.

A vacuum is a place devoid of air and therefore a vacuum sealer is simply a machine that completely sucks the air out of a package and then seals it to deny any air from getting back into the package.

Types of Vacuum Sealer Machines

There are three types of vacuum sealer machines and they include; the normal household vacuum sealer which most people are conversant with, the commercial vacuum sealer and finally the industrial vacuum sealer.

1) Household vacuum sealers

Household vacuum sealers are used in many homes and are much smaller compared to industrial vacuum sealers.

They are usually used in the kitchen to seal various food items like meat and vegetables, juicy foods and can even reseal snack bags for later use.

You should, however, note that when sealing anything with water content or anything moist like meat you will be required to first to put them in the freezer for about an hour and then you can go ahead and vacuum seal them.

  2) Commercial vacuum sealers

These vacuum sealer machines have become quite popular among the business people around the world reason is the growth of the food industry.

The food industry together with demand for certain foodstuffs have been tremendously growing and hence the need to develop a machine which can seal these foods for longer periods of time and still keep them edible for sale even after a year.

Commercial vacuum sealers are used to extend the shelf life of certain foodstuffs used in various stores of many businesses.

3) Industrial vacuum sealers

These are vacuum packaging machines used by industries or manufacturing companies and are mainly used where extensive production vacuum packaging is required.

However, they come in different models from the small ones to the big ones depending on the industry requirements.

They are used in a number of sectors including the food industries, the manufacturing industries, and even the medical sectors.

Some have the ability to seal many bags at once unlike your ordinary household vacuum sealer and therefore boosting productivity in industries.

How a vacuum sealer works

Vacuum sealers are quite easy to use.

The first step is to take your packaging roll and place the food you want to vacuum-seal inside. You should know that these bags are designed to withstand a lot of heat and hence can be properly sealed by the vacuum sealer.

The next step is to place a small area of the unsealed part of the packaging roll from one end to the other inside the vacuum sealer.

According to the vacuum sealer you are using there should be a vacuum seal button that you will press so that the machine completely sucks the air out of the bag and automatically seals it. In case your vacuum sealer is manual you should be able to time when the vacuum process is complete so as to seal it.

After the process is complete you can then place the food item in the freezer.

Functions of a vacuum sealer

A vacuum sealer machine is mainly used to store food. It allows you to buy foodstuffs in large quantities, seal them and put in the freezer.

They allow you to reseal items. For those who love snacks like crisps but just can’t seem to finish them, you can reseal your crisps and store them for later.

They are used to seal jars and bottles. Pharmaceutical industries and processing industries use vacuum sealers in their jars and bottles to ensure the items or medicine stored inside lthe ast longer

They keep items such as jewelry from rusting. Oxygen is a major cause of rust and therefore vacuum sealing such items ensures they do not tarnish or deteriorate as oxygen around the sealed item is completely eliminated.

Vacuum sealers eenhancethe life of food and prevents bacteria and other micro-organisms from spoiling the food ensuring they can be stored for months to even years in the good state.

Vacuum sealers will ensure you are prepared in cases of emergency as you are able to store large quantities of food for long periods of time

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