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Vacuum Packing


When looking for a form of packaging that does not incorporate any chemical, vacuum packing is the sole process. This production process operates by the principle of limiting the oxygen level in the package that might contaminate the product. The vacuum packaging process begins by placing the products in the bag and then removal of atmospheric air before the package is sealed. The main benefit of removing oxygen in the package is that it increases the shelf life of most products and reduces the bulky items.

Removal of atmospheric oxygen will ensure that the fungi or the aerobic bacteria are limited from reproducing in the package. With this process, dry foods such as nuts, cereals, cheese, coffee, cured meat, potato chips and smoked fish are stored for an extended period without getting spoiled. You can also store perishable food such as vegetables and meat in vacuum packing as it will inhibit the growth of any bacteria.

Vacuum packaging also improves the storage of bulk items such as beddings and clothing. The products are stored in bags that have evacuated air with a vacuum sealer. For food products such as potato chips, an inert gas is instilled into the bag to replace the oxygen. The removal of oxygen will consequently inhibit deterioration of the food product.

Types of Vacuum Packing Machines

External Sealer

This type of sealer involves externally attaching the bag to the vacuum packaging machine. The machine will, in turn, remove all the air and seal the bag from the outside.

Single chamber sealer

In a single chamber sealing process, you will require to place the entire product into the sealing machine. Like the external sealer, a plastic bag is used for packaging. Once you put the product in the sealer and close the lid, air is then removed. It has a heat seal inside that will seal the plastic bag. Once it seals the product, the chamber automatically opens the vent to allow air to be refilled. The incoming pressure will then squeeze the remaining air in the plastic bag.

Double chamber sealer

The product is placed in the bag within the machine in double chamber machine. Once the product is placed on the seal bar and the lid closed, air is removed, and then the product is sealed. The vent then opens automatically refilling air to the chamber. This process will, in turn, squeeze the remaining air out.

Automatic belt chamber machine

In this machine, the entire product in a plastic bag and pouched within the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt then channels the product until it is positioned well in the seal bar. At this point, the lid is closed, and the air is consequently removed. The product bag is then sealed before the vent automatically opens to refill air. Oncoming pressure then squeezes the remaining air is then squeezed out before the product is removed.

Thermoforming Packing Machine

This vacuum packaging machine is typically meant for large production companies. It is a form-seal-seal style machine where packaging film is rolled to form a package. Thermoforming increases the rate of packaging production and customized sizes, shape, clarity and color can be obtained.

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