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Vacuum packaging machine protects food from freezer burn and dehydration

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Vacuum packaging machine protects food from freezer burn and dehydration


Vacuum packaging machine protects food from freezer burn and dehydration

Consumers like food that comes with a sense of originality and the ones that feature their natural tastes. Most food products when not subjected to proper sealing they tend to change in texture, color and moisture content. Freezer burn typically happens when air comes into contact with food making the moisture content inside food to sublimate. The water content evaporates from the food and then freezes back again on top of food substances. Food substances that have been affected by this process usually lack originality. There are three ways in which freezer burn and dehydration affect food substance.

Different taste

When the food products are placed in places with high temperatures, they tend to lose the moisture content. When temperatures certainly revert, the water vapor cools and settles at the surface of the product. Without minimum water threshold, a food product loses their original tastes, and this makes more consumers shy away. Meat for instance when it loses water content and water vapor settles at the surface becomes flavorless. A vacuum packaging machine ensures that the food product does not lose any moisture content. Proper sealing ensures that dehydration is minimized preventing freezer burn from occurring.


A food product is made up of different element composition. This composition has to remain the same throughout for it to have the original texture. Change in texture results in food product tasting different, and others harden making them impossible to eat. Some foods are good when they are consumed while having a high moisture content. When this content is lost through evaporation, it hardens up making them not ideal for consumption. For instance, some food substances when taken without their natural texture become harmful for health. A vacuum packaging machine ensures that the texture of any food substance remains the same all through. For products that are transported for long distance, vacuum sealing protects them from getting contaminated with a foreign substance that influences the texture.


Freezer burn usually changes the color of the food product. Most of them will form grayish-brown spots on the food surface. Food color change occurs as a result of chemical changes that happens when food, water, and air come into contact. Vacuum sealing ensures there is a maximum protection of food from getting contact with air. It also limits the loss of water content to the environment thus keeping food with their original color. Although freezer burn does not induce food poisoning, most consumers shy away from them as they look contaminated and have different color spots.

For greengrocers and other vegetable salespeople, incorporating this method of vacuum sealing will ensure your products are free from freezer burn thus remaining fresh all through. Always ensure that you get a machine that is in line with the necessity and the ones that are easy to operate.

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