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Proper Ways of Vacuum Sealing Liquids

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Proper Ways of Vacuum Sealing Liquids


Proper Ways of Vacuum Sealing Liquids

If you have been wondering whether vacuum sealing would be of use in your life, here are some reasons for owning one. It is the process of removing air from the bag thus preserving the food inside. This helps in saving the food cost, saves time of preparation and also preserves food for a long period of time. However, vacuum sealing of dry foods is a stroll, but vacuum sealing of liquids like soup, stew or sauce on the other side can be a complete disaster if one doesn’t follow the right procedure, avoiding poor sealing that breaks before it is ready, therefore, risking to damage the machine and also the food in it will spoil. Here are some simple tips when vacuum sealing liquids.

Freeze liquids before vacuum sealing

It is difficult to vacuum seal liquid in its natural form. It may also destroy the vacuum packaging machine if it sucks the liquid. That is why you need to freeze it first. Pour your soup or stew into a container, zipper bags or a food saver bag, don’t forget to cool down before sealing. Hot liquids will harbor bacterial growth. Put the liquid in the freezer until it is hard enough for about 1-3 hours. It doesn’t have to be fully frozen in the inside, just the outer part. Once frozen, take it out of the freezer and move it inside food bags. You may use a bowl or container to hold it into place and don’t tip over and spell everything, then, vacuum seal it.

Use food save containers instead of plastic containers

The food saver containers are a greater advantage compared to plastic containers. First, they are made of a high-quality Tritan material for safe cooking. They are also adaptable and durable. They are crack and shatter resistant as well as odor resistant. In addition, the container model is embeddable and stackable, hence the storage process in your fridge is much easier. This makes them better for usage compared to the plastic containers. They are also recyclable and environment friendly.

Use a chamber vacuum seal

Using a chamber vacuum seal ensures that it sucks 100% of the air out from the container and space inside the chamber. In the event the pressure inside the food bags and that outside is the same, liquids are not sucked out. Alternatively, one may use the external vacuum, since chamber vacuum seal is not common due to its hefty price tag and big size therefore mostly recommendable in food business where large quantities are involved. The only limitation of using external vacuum models is that they can suck liquid out when you vacuum seal.

So if you are vacuuming liquid, you will need to be a little bit cautious than when dealing with solid food. You need to do a few extra steps to ensure that you are getting the most out of the machine. Make sure that you’ve also followed these tips, especially for newbies.

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