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How vacuum packaging sealer maintains food flavor and nutrients

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How vacuum packaging sealer maintains food flavor and nutrients


How vacuum packaging sealer maintains food flavor and nutrients

Most consumers like food with quantifiable nutrient benefits as well as that features their original flavor. However, some food products despite being manufactured with their authentic taste, they get interfered with different phenomena on the way down the production line. A vacuum sealer is a sophisticated machine that enables individuals and industries to pack food effectively. Vacuum sealing is done by removing the air in the sealing bag and replacing it with an inert gas. The reason for this process is to limit the amount of oxygen in a sealing bag that supports the growth of bacteria and other aerobic micro-organisms.

 Freezer burn

The flavor and nutrient composition of food usually change due to freezer burn. Freezer burn occurs when a food product such as meat comes into contact with atmospheric air. When a food product is exposed, due to the presence of oxygen oxidation occurs affecting the composition and nature of nutrients present. Sometimes due to exposure, food products become dehydrated as moisture content escapes to the surrounding leaving a food product with a different texture. Also, when water vapor freezes, it settles at the surface of the food causing contamination.

Combination of oxidation and dehydration process makes food product to change its original flavor and nutrient composition. For instances, when freezer burn occurs in meat products, it changes its color to grayish yellow and makes it tasteless when you consume. To maintain the original flavor and nutrient level, you must ensure that you implement the use of the vacuum packaging machines. This machine protects most food products from freezer burn occurrences thus maintaining the available nutrients and flavor.

External contamination

Vacuum sealing ensures a product is safely stored and protected from external contamination. These include the dust, moisture and sometimes different gases that are reactive. As most industries produce food products that are transported over long distances, without this kind of sealing, their food products will get damaged in one way or another. Some food products when it comes in contact with moisture, it gets damage causing a considerable loss. For instance, some products such as seeds are usually transported while they are free from moisture content.

Home Remedy

When using a vacuum sealer at your homestead, you will also be able to seal ready food effectively. Cooked food usually gets spoilt within a short period, and without proper packaging and storage, contamination will occur. Food that has been infested with bacteria and other pathogens usually have a different taste. Always ensure you store your food in a freezer or employ this method of sealing to avoid loses.

When sourcing for the right vacuum packaging machine for your home or industrial use, you should factor in your production line. For industries, ensure that you go for the ones that feature extensive features that will tackle your task with ease. Some of this machines require no skills for one to operate and are easy to maintain.

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