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How Vacuum Packaging Preserves Food

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How Vacuum Packaging Preserves Food


How Vacuum Packaging Preserves Food

There is nothing more satisfying than having fresh food with original taste. Vacuum sealing is an ideal manufacturing process that enables companies and individuals to package goods or items using a vacuum packaging machine. This type of packaging was introduced way back in the 1940s, and now many companies incorporate the same. The principle behind the vacuum packaging is very simple and easy to master. With the help of a machine, one has to remove the atmospheric air containing oxygen from the sealing pack and then replace it with an inert gas. This process in return will enable food products to have long shelf life compared to the conventional ways.

Reproduction and growth of aerobic organisms

Food vacuum sealer mainly preserves food by inhibiting the growth of spoilage bacteria such as thermophiles, psychrophiles,mesophiles, and psychrotrophs. This process also helps to prevent the growth of fungi and molds when transporting food over long distances. With the presence of oxygen, aerobic organisms can reproduce abundantly and multiply in numbers. As they do so, they release sulfides, ammonia, organic acids, amines and other build ups that affect the general texture of food substances including the taste and color. When the vacuum sealing machine successfully removes the oxygen, growth, and reproduction of these organisms also reduce significantly.

Moisture Content Preservation

A food vacuum packaging machine also preserves food by keeping moisture content. This will, in turn, prevent dehydration and freezer burning that affects the texture and taste of food substance. The packaging machine ensures that the sealing process is apt and no amount of moisture can evaporate into the atmosphere. Freezer burn usually occurs when water in the food product sublimate leaving ice crystals. When water vapor freezes again on top of food substance, it ruins the composition and the original taste. Vacuum sealing protects this process by ensuring that the moisture content in your food remains the same all by keeping the original taste.

Storage and preservation

When you package your products using a sealing machine, transportation and storage also become ease. As much as vacuum sealing inhibits oxygen necessary for the growth of micro-organisms, there are also bacteria strains that do not depend on oxygen. Without proper refrigeration, food products will also get spoilt. However, packaged food products are easy to store when you contrast with others. Vacuum sealing can be done in different sizes that will ensure storage process is also apt.

Food shelf-life

Studies show that proper sealing food products extends the shelf life. This food can stay 3 to 5 times longer than the conventional ways. As much as there is no external and internal contamination, storage also becomes easy. With this method, you can easily place food products in a freezer, refrigerator or even a pantry.

When looking for the best vacuum machine, ensure that it meets the requirement of your production line. Some can seal many products at a time while others can be slower, depending on your production line, you should get one that meets your preferences. Also, ensure that you buy machines from legit companies that are easy to use and comes with proper instruction.

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