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How to Choose the Right Vacuum Sealing Bags

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How to Choose the Right Vacuum Sealing Bags


There is no doubt that a vacuum sealer is one of the best inventions for the food industry. Their uses are endless in that they do not only preserve food but a wide range of products that could be damaged by air, moisture or water. However, vacuum packaging machine comes as a package, and that includes the plastic paper bags that carry the food.

As much the choice of the vacuum packing machine is critical when it comes to food preservation, the choice of vacuum sealing bags are equally important. If you get the wrong plastic bags for the storage of the food, then it will be difficult to enjoy the numerous advantages that come with vacuum sealer machines. Therefore, getting the right bag is crucial to ensure that you’ve gotten the most of your machine. Here are the key things that you need to consider while making:

Micro vs. Embossed Micro

These are two things that you need to be considered carefully while choosing the right paper for the storage and preservation of food. The micro and embossed bags are the two main types of bags that are widely used in food preservation. Both paper bags come with various features that make them perfect for various things.  But they are quite different depending on the type of the food that you want to preserve. For the micro bags, they are designed with an 85-micron thickness. With this form of thickness, the bags are an ideal choice for storing products such as nuts, meats, vegetation, seeds and much more. They can also store liquids such as soup and juices since they cannot tear the paper regardless of its thinness.

The second option is the embossed channel bags slightly thicker than their counterparts – micro channel bags. They are designed 100 micro thickness, and that makes them stronger and are perfect to use with sharp-edged items that could tear the paper bag. Some of the common foods and other goods that you should consider buying these types of bags include bony meat, electronic products and other sharp-edged. They are perfect for storing products that are sharp-edged that goods.

Do you need Bags or Rolls?

This another decision that you need to make when it comes to food vacuuming. Buying both rolls and bags comes with various advantages that make them stand out from each other. For embossed rolls and micro channel rolls, the user is given the flexibility of cutting their own sizes of bags. These bags usually come in 3 varying widths including 150mm, 220mm, and 280mm. With this, the user is able to cut small pieced condiments while at the same time, enabling to cut large bags as well.

For the vacuum sealing bags, you don’t have the advantage of making your own sizes since they come in set sizes. However, you are saved from the tedious work of making your own bags, and thus you start vacuum seal food directly. However, you will need to get the right measurements to ensure that you don’t waste money on too huge bags that are not necessary.

Decided on Quantity

Another important that you need to consider is the quantity of the bags that you need to preserve food. We all have a budget to work with, and that’s why it important to ensure that you have purchased only what is needed. But that will be determined by what you are planning to store and preserve. If you are cooking a family of two to five family members, then you may not need a large stock of bags as a business person work to store foods for sale.

If you are cooking for a small family, then you should buy at least 100 bags or slightly more bags depending on demand. But if you are vacuum sealing for commercial needs, then you need to consider at least 1000 pieces to ensure that you don’t have a shortage while you need them the most. If you are vacuum cooking, buy enough bags to handle numerous and urgent orders. It is recommended that the stock is replenished regularly to maintain a safe stock.

What Size of Bags Do you need?

The last thing that you need to get right is the size of the bags. There are various sizes in the market, and that includes both the width and the length of the paper. It is at the discretion of a vacuum packaging machine owner to select the size that suits their need.

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