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Comparison between chamber vacuum sealer and external suction sealer

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Comparison between chamber vacuum sealer and external suction sealer


Comparison between chamber vacuum sealer and external suction sealer

A vacuum sealer is one of the effecting packaging machines in the modern world. These machines are widely used in most food, hospitality, money and other industries sous-vide cooking notwithstanding. On the way it works, there are two types of vacuum sealers: a chamber vacuum packaging machine and external vacuum packaging machine.

Chamber packaging machines require a food product to be placed entirely within the machine. On the other hand, the external sucker machine requires you to attach the bag externally before it removes and seals it. In a vacuum chamber sealer, once a product is entirely inside, the air then removed, and the sealing process takes place. A heat sealer and typical bag are commonly used in the two types of machines.

How it works

With the chamber packaging machine, the vacuum within the pack is normally the same as the vacuum outside. This implies you can vacuum seal soups, sauces, stews or anything with fluids. On the other hand, when sealing a bag of soup using an external suction machine, the sealer will sack the air out first before it sucks the soup as well. This means you might risk not sealing these products well as the bag might collapse on the process. Unless you are freezing liquid products first before vacuum sealing, you should always use the chamber sealing machine. Always ensure that the food you are sealing using the external suction process is solid or dry products.

Bag selection

Another advantage of the chamber vacuum packaging machine is that you can even use a large selection of bags when sealing compared to the external one. External suction machines usually require textured bags that are relatively expensive. Some sources claim that when using a chamber machine, you can even save up to 80% expense on bags through recouping.

Number of bags

Chamber vacuum packing machines normally come in different models and sizes. These include the table top, Boulet chamber and floor type. Depending on these sizes, these machines normally seal multiple bags in every cycle. For large production industries, a vacuum chamber sealer is recommended.

Drawing vacuum on liquids

Lastly, a chamber vacuum machine has the capability of drawing a vacuum on liquids. This makes it great for processes like marinating and infusions of products. In this case, you don’t need to use bags; you can cover a pan of meat with marinade and place it in the machine before you draw a vacuum for infusion of marinating liquid. With these machines, you can also infuse different fresh fruits with different liquor when making a dessert.

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