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Vacuum packaging is considered as a perfect form of a packaging for food, hospitality, sous vide cooking, silver and money etc. Vacuum sealer works on a simple
principle by removing the air from the packaging and sealing it, preventing food from spoiling by inhabiting the growth of bacteria, mold and any other or
organisms,helping in production of astounding culinary outcomes in the side-vide cooking industry, protecting silver wares from damages apart from
ensuring they are not exposed to adverse environmental conditions against corrosion, tarnishing and rusting, keeping money from moisture.
Vacuum packaging machine is applied in food saving, food processing, retaining and industrial use in kitchen,
restaurant, treasure shop, bank and so on.

Food packaging

Food packaging

The primary purpose behind food sealing is basically to broaden the timeframe of shelf life of the food, protect and preserve food. We offer the best solutions and machines for you with regards to sparing your foods.


Our vacuum sealing machine provides an answer with regards to the hospitality and catering industry. These machines will help you in saving your money as proper vacuum sealing will aid in reduced food spoilage hence can be used in later dates.
Industrial packaging

Industrial packaging

Interestingly, the vacuum sealer can also be used to protect industrial and manufactured items like silver, money. These items are packed packages which are designed with features to preserve and protect them like in the banks in the case of money.
Sous-vide cooking

Sous-vide cooking

Vacuum sealing is one of the critical techniques in the sous-vide cooking which is a cooking methodology that’s imperative in most professional kitchen. The vacuum sealer has helped in production of astounding culinary outcomes in the side-vide cooking industry.

We are a top-notch professional designer and manufacturer for both household and commercial vacuum packaging machines. Advanced designs and the bleeding edge innovation we apply in the assembling and manufacturing of our vacuum packing machine has made our vacuum packing machines heavy duty, reliable, high efficiency, easy to maintain. We offer one of the remarkable and elusive designs and aptitude that can be utilized in conveying a hard core and solid vacuum sealer machines. Our machines are tough and are A+ rated all around in association with its amazing services.

We offer all the types of the household and commercial vacuum packaging machines. These include chiefly the chamber vacuum sealers that are grouped into table top, floor and the double chamber and external vacuum sealers. Stacked with an entire scope of all the vacuum packaging models and types, we are the perfect solution for the kitchen, restaurant, food service, food processing, retaining, and industrial and even the medical sectors.

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How Vacuum Packaging Machine Works

The predominant role of the vacuum sealer is to remove the air that is inside a particular package and seal the packaging, gas flush is for option. By doing this, the growth of the mold, fungus and bacteria, which are the main causes of food spoilage, will be decreased immeasurably. Therefore will results to an amazing extension of the food shelf life, preservation of its flavor and the nutrients, zero freezer burns and diminished wastage of food. Not only in food, also the vacuum helps in prevention of exposure of the money, silver ware and treasures to moisture, hence protecting them from any cases of corrosion, rusting and tarnishing.

So how does the vacuum sealer really work?

Vacuum, sealing, and gas flush are programmed in the microprocessor for easy operation, set the parameter depending on the product to be packed and thickness of the bag. For chamber vacuum sealer, insert product inside the bag, position the open side of the bag on the sealing bar, press the lid to close up, from this point the machine will start vacuuming the bag by removing the air inside the vacuum sealer. The next step is sealing the bag as the air flows out of the bag and into the chamber. Finally, the lid of the machine opens automatically and the vacuum sealed bag is removed. For external vacuum sealer, a nozzle can be used to extract air inside a bag. This mostly happens for large or irregular objects because they can’t fit well inside a bag. These are mostly referred to as external vacuum sealers.

Key Benefits of Vacuum Sealer

The easiest and most efficient way of packaging variety of products is by vacuum packaging. It is applied mostly in commercial and residential to preserve and protect food, drugs and items like silverware. This due to their impeccable benefits which are illustrated below.

Vacuum packaging extends food shelf life

Shelf life of food packaged by vacuum packaging machine can be extend 3 to 5 times longer than stored in plastic or containers as usual. The amount time of storage depends on what type of food and whether they are stored in refrigerator, freezer or pantry.

Vacuum packing keeps food fresh

The propensity of your food spoiling is incredibly reduced by the use of the vacuum packing machine. Vacuum packing prevents the food from discoloration and from getting any form of bad odor, prevents fats in the food from getting rancid.

Vacuum sealing maintains food flavor and nutrients

Vacuum sealing keeps foods in the bag out of touch with the air, so the moisture inside the food cant evaporate. Vacuum sealing is the best way to maintains food original nature, flavor, taste and nutrients.

Vacuum packaging machines protects food from freeze burn and dehydration

Food stored in the refrigerator or freezer, water inside the food is frozen to be ice crystal causing freezer burn. When food is taken out and exposed in that air, the ice crystals inside food become into water vapor and get drawn up to the surface of food, food is dehydrated, this vapor spoils the taste and texture of food. Vacuum sealing packages food in a vacuum environment and keeps food out of contact with air. Vacuum packaging machine protects food from freeze burn and dehydration.

Vacuum packing machine reduces loss

Vacuum packing machine can pack leftover food from meal to give another easy meal for near future eating instead of throwing out to waste money; Vacuum packing prevents spoilage of food transported over long distance.

Vacuum sealer eliminates need of chemical preservatives required

The use of vacuum sealers eliminates the use of chemical preservatives. Any preservative is not good for health. Inert gases are the most common gas used for vacuum packaging. Food packed with flush inert gases can last longer without the commonly used preservatives.

Vacuum sealing provides efficient food organization

Food packaged by vacuum sealing machine is compact and occupies less space, The packaging of your food in a vacuum sealer permits an organized and proficient packaging of your food. More so, the less room taken by each bag allows more food to be stored in a refrigerator.

Vacuum sealer helps in maintaining your silverware.

The silver cutlery can effectively be preserved and maintained using the vacuum sealer. The sealer helps in keeping them safe against corrosion, tarnishing and rusting. Always wrap the silverware using a cloth to prevent them from ripping the bags fabric.

Money vacuum sealer

The banks has applied the use of vacuum sealer in packing money in water proof bags to ensure they are neatly saved and kept off from any external damages like adverse environmental conditions.

Vacuum sealer machine helps to you to save time

Vacuum sealed food can be ready to eat to save cooking time; Due to increased shelf life, No need to go to grocery every time to buy fresh food hence saving a lot of time; Preparation of many different types of meals at the same time earlier and be vacuum packed together with ease so that they can be later be prepared in few minutes when needed; Planning for a family meal for a days or weeks. They can buy food and divide it and then seal it to require amounts which will then be retrieved when needed at a specific day.

Vacuum sealing machine machine helps to you to save money

Vacuum packaging keeps food fresh, hence you can buy in bulk at lower price compared to buy singly which is expensive, protects food from spoilage and loss, Vacuum sealer can be used to seal any food that is left. Hence the leftover food cannot be thrown away. Hence, saving the cost of buying another meal.